Our Equipment

•     We currently operate 19 mixer trucks, with the oldest truck being 5 years old.  We maintain a newer fleet as part of our commitment to offer dependable service.  This helps prevent unexpected breakdowns which can be costly for everyone.  

•     All of our mixers have a GPS tracking system, aiding in accurate delivery scheduling and dispatching.

•     In addition to GPS tracking, all units have the “Eviroguard” chute wash system, eliminating the necessity for traditional washout areas.

•     We have operate aggregate trucks, including a transfer truck, to serve your aggregate delivery needs.

•     Our services include a Schwing 750 line pump, capable of pumping over 50 cubic yards per hour of up to 1” rock concrete.  This is important as you won’t be required to make a trade off of the quality of your concrete for the capability of pumping.

Our Philosophy


•     Safety is our greatest concern.  We have made a commitment to put every employee through an extensive training program to ensure the safe operation of all our equipment. 

•     Customer satisfaction is very important to us; therefore we work closely with our customers to ensure safe operations at all times. 

o   Periodically, weather or other conditions will require us to deviate from our schedule to facilitate safety.  In those rare instances our dispatch staff works closely with our customers to make them aware of the situation and status of the improvised schedule. 

o   Occasionally the physical nature of the jobsite itself can become a safety concern.  When these situations arise we work as closely as possible with our customer to ensure that jobsite safety is not compromised.  If unavoidable, we must adhere to our strict safety policy, which could result in the cancellation of delivery (at the owner’s expense) until conditions are changed.

o   We cannot intentionally allow anyone to be at risk of injury on the jobsite with regard to our equipment.  To this end, we can not allow anyone to climb or misuse the equipment in any way.  This includes the use of additional chutes, climbing on the chutes, positioning the vehicle in an unsafe manner, and other situations which can be deemed unsafe.

o   To coin a phrase from the owner, “No job is ever worth getting someone hurt over”.  Please keep this in mind when placing orders during inclement weather such as fog and also while pouring in locations that can be potentially hazardous such as near trenches, septic tanks, power lines or even inside orchards.

Environmental Stewardship:

We consider ourselves environmental stewards for several reasons.  Here are some examples why:

•     We strive to update our equipment even beyond the necessary regulations to keep ahead of the air pollution standards.  This not only applies to our trucks, but also our concrete batch plant.

•     Investing in the “Enviroguard” chute wash system was a costly venture, but one that we felt was necessary as it will eliminate the requirement for traditional washout areas.  This allows us to completely reclaim all residue left in the chute instead of taking the risk that the material may be disposed of improperly.  In addition, this will open up possibilities to our customers of performing work in ultra sensitive areas without the concern of how to handle waste cleanup.

•     Each truck is equipped with a spill prevention kit.  In case of accident or failure of a fuel, oil line or other system, we are prepared to minimize the impact on the environment with the proper use of our petroleum spill prevention kits, present in every truck as well as our pump truck.

•     We also use many products that are environmentally friendly such as:

o   Buckeye UltraFiber 500 reinforcement, considered the “Greenest” secondary reinforcement industry.  This is a non-petroleum based fiber manufactured in the US from a renewable resource – cellulose.  Use of this product will increase the quality and durability of your concrete.

o   We frequently use recycled products from our own industry, such as rock, sand and recycled aggregate base (AB) helping to minimize the impact of our industry on the environment.  The rock and sand typically comes from our own operation allowing us to oversee and maintain the quality of it while the AB comes from other facilities that grind up old concrete to make it into a usable product.

o   We commonly use materials from other industries as well, such as fly ash, which not only help our environment, but also enhance our end product. 

o   There are several new technologies we are investigating, which if found to be viable will continue to fulfill our desire to be environmental stewards.  Examples of this include the use of ground granulated blast furnace slag (GGBFS) and carbon consuming cement which itself is actually produced almost entirely from the waste of other industries. 

Philanthropic Activities

Over the years we’ve made significant donations to many different organizations.  Some of the recent donations are as follows:

•     Kennedy School for Special Education

•     Oakdale High School

•     El Vista Elementary School

•     Ceres High School

•     Johansen High School

•     Prescott Junior High School

•     Ripon Christian High School

•     Central Catholic High School

•     California Mineral Education Foundation

•     Salvation Army

•     Sierra Vista Children’s Services

•     Cricket’s House (Christopher P. Walker Foundation)

•     Make a Wish Foundation

•     Shriners Organization

•     Modesto Cancer Society

•     McHenry Mansion Foundation

•     Acacia Memorial Park

•     Greater Yosemite Council of the Boy Scouts Of America

•     Oakdale Stampede

•     Oakdale Youth Soccer Association

•     Modesto Youth Soccer Association

•     California State University Softball Program

•     Modesto Junior College Baseball Program

•     Waterford Baseball and Softball Association

•     Club OPTI Traveling Baseball Association

•     Escalon Baseball and Softball Association

•     Turlock Sportsman Club

•     Oakdale Sportsman Club

•     Waterford Sportsman Club

•     Newman “Swamp Rats” Sportsman Club

•     Old Fisherman’s Club

•     California Waterfowl Association

•     Ducks Unlimited

•     Friends of the NRA

•     Multiple Denominations and Venues for Local Religious Organizations

•     Numerous 4-H Sponsorships

•     Numerous Individual Club Sport Sponsorships

•     Several Local Eagle Scout Projects

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